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Welcome to Shenzhen CCDCAM Technology Co.,Ltd .we are the fastest growing manufacturer & exporter specilizing in versatile security cameras for home and commercial uses. Since 2005 we began to focus on IR camera research and design. With great determination and confidence, we have taken a aggressive market presence in ir day/night camera market.Now we focus on IP camera R&D and have some new IP camera for customers.

our products consists of all kinds of Black & White, Color cameras. Using SONYŁ¬SHARP ...
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Company: Shenzhen CCDCAM Technology Co.,Ltd
Contact: Ms. Joicy Xiang
Address: 3/F,the 11th Building ,Heshakeng Industrial Estate, Sanlian Village, Buji Town, Longgang District Shenzhen
Tel: 86 755 83106630
Fax: 86 755 81093177
Homepage: http://www.ccdcam.cn


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